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Southern Forwardtran Sdn Bhd

As Malaysian progress quickly towards their vision of developed country by year 2030, one homegrown company has ensured its place in this joint progression by providing efficient and distinct quality service. Southern Forwardtran Sdn Bhd incorporated in Malaysia in January 1997, is a 100% Bumiputera owned company. It was a confidence and belief in their abilities which the two founding members possessed that encouraged them to take the bold step of setting-up this business entity. Time and track record has proven their foresight to be most accurate.

The founding members of the company Messrs Khaled Bin Mohamad Aroff and Muhamad Hapiz Bin Othman had ventured out on their own to establish Southern Forwardtran Sdn. Bhd. with a highly effective tool of direction. Their combined experiences both in the forwarding and shipping industries as well as the advantage to having the right disposition and business acumen have ensured Southern Forwardtran Sdn. Bhd. to experience a steady development, growing from strength to strength. Dedication, enchanted by their service oriented natures and reinforced by a result-driven attitude has attributed well towards the business success of the company.

On top of that, the combination on their skills, experience and individual hand-on exposure has allowed Southern Forwardtran Sdn. Bhd. to traverse waters then uncharted by a Malaysian establishment in this field. As they moved along the progressive path the founding members of the company handpicked bright young executive to assist them and spearhead the various department that came into being marketing, operation, finance and administration. Under the watchful eyes and sagacious guidance of Khaled Bin Mohamad Aroff and Muhamad Hapiz Bin Othman, this young team has in itself grown to become the backbone of the company and shouldering effectively the responsibilities of achieving the company corporate mission and set out objective.

From the beginning of the company inception a systematic and functional approach became the basis of the company’s style of management. By putting our clients and their individual needs at the focal point of our view we have won their trust and confidence. This belief that they have of Southern Forwardtran Sdn. Bhd. is further built upon by the fact that we execute our tasks with precision efficiency at all times and take pride in the fact that our customers satisfaction in the first step to achieve goals.

Of vital importance to our task functional is the liaison with the importers and exporters for cargo delivery when it comes to transportation regardless of the mode him it by air, land or sea, such arrangements and negotiations require great communications skills, in depth knowledge and experience. And it is in this Southern Forwardtran Sdn. Bhd. has carved a firm reputation for ourselves and putting us at the fore front of leading shipping and forwarding establishment in a local, regional and international level. When it matter most, our experience allow negotiation on behalf of our customers with the relevant authorities namely government department, haulage companies and shipping lines.

As such our customers are now able to associate us with two-key elements that make us their choice trustworthiness and efficiency. It has been through hard work, determination, dedication, skill and expertise that Southern Forwardtran Sdn. Bhd. grown to become what it is today. In fact, so reliable have our services been that over time. Our customers have comes to require more than just shipping and forwarding services from us.

Their constant request for professional assistance and service in project handling reclamation, custom freight forwarding and even warehouse came about because of their belief in our abilities and dedication to excellence. With encouragement and positive prompting Southern Forwardtran Sdn. Bhd. has since diversified and we now offer the above mentioned services much to the satisfaction of our customers. This growth has come about through hard work and determination and indeed it is our customer’s satisfactions that drive us on to strive for even further growth and plan extensively to reach a long term goal for global business.

Given our strength this is now more than just a plan like a carpenter changing in its cocoon. A metamorphosis is taking place within SOUTHERN FORWARDTRAN SDN. BHD.